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About Fancy Art by Nancy Inc.

Fancy Art by Nancy Inc. is a family owned business operated by Fancy Nancy. The business stemmed from a hobby and became a passion. Fancy Nancy felt the need to share her artistic ways by painting custom pictures, making custom wooden frames, crafting unique pieces, and providing the camera to capture it all in the moment! 


Hey There!

My name is Nancy better known as Fancy Nancy,

While growing up my grandmother, aunts and mother exposed me to all their creativity, and creative processes. School projects turned into beautiful works of art. One beautiful painting of the map of Africa and all its flowers drawn and painted inside, won a contest and it was hung in Brooklyn's Botanical Garden for a year.  It was one of my proudest moments. That's where the famous seed was planted way back then. The possibility of creating something that others could enjoy and admire...

Life eventually took a different direction. I attended Long Island University for Pharmacy after 3 years, I switched to The Bartone School of Radiography. In which I became Radiographic Technologist (R).  I went on to achieve my license for Mammography (M), Computed Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance (MRI) before finally deciding to give in and follow my heart.

After being a single mother and working super hard to make sure my girls were well provided for, one day someone asked me "Have you ever thought about what you love to do?  Not what you need or have to do, what you really enjoy doing? Figure out what that is and do it!"

So here I am doing something I always truly enjoyed but had forgotten about. Now I'm doing what I love, with the hope that others will enjoy the final products. 

What about us?

Fancy Art by Nancy Inc. takes great pride in making sure that every one leaves with a memorable experience. Fancy Nancy paints custom canvas paintings with wooden frames and makes custom crafts by hand, which you can purchase on this site. She instructs Paint Parties and brings the picture party with her 360 Camera and Photobooth Experience to create an memory you'll never forget!


360 Camera

- Delivery & Setup

- Booth Attendant

- Unlimited Videos & Music choices

- Props & Backdrops

- Lighting System

& so much more!


Photobooth Camera

- Delivery & Setup

- Booth Attendant

- Custom Overlays

- 4x6 Printed Photos

- Digital Pictures and Videos

Custom Paint Canvases & Crafts

- Custom Art Pieces

- Custom crafts made by resin

- Custom wooden frames

& so much more!

image7 (1).jpeg

Traveling Paint Parties

- We Travel

- Equipment Provided

- Picture of your choice

- Setting of your choice

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

 "With life being so fast and our lives being so busy, I thought it was important to share a unique way to capture the good times!" 

Fancy Art by Nancy Inc. is a family owned business. The  business is operated by Fancy Nancy herself, who aspires to show you an experience you'll never forget even if you tried to. We'll guarantee this by providing  you with unlimited photos and videos on any booking with us! We travel to your destination, provide and set up the equipment, provide music options, backdrops and props, along with booth attendants who operate and run the show! Paint Parties are instructed by Fancy Nancy! All equipment and materials needed to host a class are provided by us. Music, Art choices, and themes all chosen by you! Whether you're taking advantage of our 360 Camera & Photobooth Experience or our Paint Party Experience with Fancy Nancy herself, it will be a time you'll never forget!


At Fancy Art by Nancy Inc. we’re passionate about providing a satisfaction guarantee. We ensure the proper operation of our 360 Camera & Photobooth Experience and our Paint Party Experience. We guarantee to bring a good time loaded with all the proper tools, material, and equipment to successfully operate at any event. 

Dear Future Customer, 
you can't go wrong with us!

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